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April 25, 2012 by admin

The best way to add value to your house is by remodeling your kitchen. But remodels can be expensive, and in these tough economic times, a penny saved really is a penny earned. Sometimes, though, you need a change, and DIY kitchen cabinets are a terrific way to give your kitchen a face-life without breaking the bank. There are some easy and affordable kitchen cabinets out there – if you know where to look.

New Stock Cabinets: You’ve probably seen plenty of affordable stock kitchen cabinets in home improvement stores. They come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes, and can usually be purchased that day. If you decide to splurge on brand new pieces, then DIY kitchen cabinet installation can help you save a few dollars.

Glass Inserts: If your budget is limited, then you’re better off working with what you have. A less expensive option for DIY kitchen cabinet remodeling is to install glass inserts into your already existing cabinets. This project is a bit more difficult, as it requires you cutting the cabinets yourself, but it can save you money on a brand new look. Plus, it’s an excellent way to go green: kitchen cabinets look beautiful with recycled glass panes. You’re guaranteed to have a unique look that fits your style.

Paint: Everything looks cleaner – and better – with a coat or two of fresh paint. If you like the style of your kitchen but want a change of scenery, then painting is a simple, easy DIY kitchen cabinet project. You can mix-n-match colors, like painting the doors a different shade than the shelves, to give your space a more modern look. Plus, paint can always be changed, so if the bright yellow you loved last year isn’t the dark blue you dream of today, it’s relatively inexpensive to redo it. You can also use an “antique” glaze to make modern designs look more rustic.

Refinishing/Resurfacing: A great way to have “green” kitchen cabinets is to simply refinish the ones you have. Resurfacing your cabinets takes a little time, but the effect is gorgeous. You can keep the wood its natural color or choose an eco-friendly stain for a more professional look. Be aware, though, that more delicate designs will take some extra TLC, so be careful when sanding areas that aren’t flat. Otherwise, your cabinets might come out looking lopsided.

Laminate Overlay: If you have flat doors, then laminate overlays may be right for you. The overlays are a fraction of the cost of new doors, making this a very affordable kitchen cabinet project. They won’t work with doors that have inserts, though, so make sure you can actually use them before you order them. Laminates have the added benefit of being durable and easy to clean, which makes them perfect for cabinets that are in reach of younger family members.

New Hardware: What good is an article about DIY kitchen cabinets if it doesn’t mention new hardware? The most affordable of kitchen cabinet renovations is the one that only replaces knobs and hinges. It might not seem like much, but new hardware is sometimes all you need. You can purchase knobs and hinges at any home improvement store in any size, style or color. You can match them to your appliances or even other fixtures in the kitchen. And if you’re looking to go green with your kitchen cabinets, you can find some amazing pieces in antique shops, thrift stores or estate sales.

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