Mother Daughter Home Conversions


April 25, 2012 by admin

The good news is that Americans, on the whole, are living longer. That means that we have the pleasure of spending more time with aging family members, which can lead to more fulfilling lives. The not-so-good news is that an aging population might struggle with the costs of home maintenance – and not everyone wants, nor can afford, costly nursing homes. That’s why conversion to a Mother-Daughter house might be the best option for you and your family. And while custom home remodeling seems like it would be costly, you may be surprised at how cost-effective it really is. There are a number of steps you should take when you’re considering conversion to a Mother-Daughter home.

Call a Professional Contractor: Of all the steps you’ll take when it comes to remodeling and additions, this is the MOST important one. Converting to a Mother-Daughter house is definitely not a project to take on by yourself, even if you have some home renovation experience. This type of custom home remodeling usually requires a number of permits to be filed by licensed contractors.

Contact a Professional Designer: There’s more to enlarging your space than simply building rooms. A professional designer will work hand-in-hand with your contractor to ensure that your Mother-Daughter home fits the needs of everyone living in it. For example: will there be two laundry rooms in the home? What about common living areas? Does your new space require a separate front door? Home designers will think of all the “little things” so you can focus on the big ones.

Think about Your Needs: A Mother-Daughter house should be a good fit for everyone. Those whose parents (or grandparents) have difficulties with stairs might want to consider building out instead of up. And if your own family is expanding, then remodeling and additions to your own personal space might be a good idea. There’s no sense in only adding one bedroom if you’ll need another one (or two, or three) soon.

Talk to the Bank: We’d all like to be able to say that money is no object when it comes to our families, but it’s best to be realistic. Custom home remodeling can become very expensive. It’s best to make sure that both you and your (grand)parents have enough equity to begin the process of remodeling and creating additions. A Mother-Daughter home conversion should be undertaken only when you can be positive that it’ll be exactly what you want.

The Benefits of Custom Home Remodeling
Undertaking a Mother-Daughter house conversion is a big deal, yes – but the benefits far outweigh the nervousness you might feel during the decision process. Building a Mother-Daughter home means keeping your loved ones close. (Think of how much easier the holidays will be if you’re all under one roof to begin with!)

Mother-Daughter homes also ensure that aging parents and grandparents can retain their autonomy, while giving you the peace of mind that being close guarantees. Your property taxes might rise, but splitting the cost between two families may make that increase a negligible one. Plus, the cost of this type of custom home remodeling can be split between you and your (grand)parents, which helps to ease the immediate burden of the cost. In the end, converting your space into a Mother-Daughter home is a great way to keep the cost of living down for everyone.

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