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Space Saving Tips for Small Master Bedrooms

It can be challenging to make a small master bedroom work with limited square footage. The goal is to keep the master bedroom as decluttered and tranquil as possible, since it’s the most intimate...

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How to Pull Off White on White Décor

We can probably all admit the envy we experience when flipping through the pages of a magazine or visiting a friend’s home and we see a white on white color scheme done so effortlessly. Decorating...

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Back to School: End of Summer Checklist

It’s August, so the summer is winding down and fall is upon us. With the passing of Labor Day comes football season, pumpkin lattes and back to school. But before we can close the chapter of summer...

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Convert Your Garage Into Finished Livable Square Footage

If your family is craving more livable square footage, why not turn your garage into a living room? This is a shortcut to adding on to your home without having to pay for an all-out new addition and...

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Turn a Spare Room Into a Craft Room & Unleash Creativity

Have an extra room in your house or perhaps some extra room in your basement? Consider creating a craft room, also known as “Mom Caves.” Craft rooms are a guilt-free space that organizes your...

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Master Bathroom Design Tips for Tranquility and Relaxation

The master bathroom is one room that can be reserved for pure relaxation, tucked away from the kids and your spouse and private enough that no one will bother you. There are certain design aspects to...

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Using Lighting to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Oasis

Lighting can completely transform the ambiance of any space, but there’s something magical about installing lighting to your outdoor space. Take advantage of the high quality lighting available...

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Bathroom Improvement Ideas for Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Gender-neutral bathroom remodels are a hot topic right now, especially during an election year and the surge in conversation about the transgender community. As a result, businesses are taking notice...

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5 Agaves That Are Perfect to Enhance Small Spaces

Agaves are a great plant to use in small spaces, considering their ability to grow in containers. With over 200 species of agave, there is enough variety so that there is the right agave plant for...

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Choosing Cohesive Color Palettes for Good Room Flow

Most people want to experience with color schemes during a home remodel in Long Island, but often the rooms don’t flow cohesively. Since there’s no right or wrong color palette, homeowners can be...

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