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Kitchen Remodel: Should Your Kitchen Have One or Two Sinks?

Standard kitchens have had one sink for as far as we can remember, but homeowners are starting to shift towards two sink kitchens. What’s the reason for the extra sink, you might ask? Kitchen...

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Consider These 4 Tips Before Hiring a Long Island Contractor

Center Island Contracting is your contractor of choice, seeing as we’re essentially a one-stop-shop for your home remodel or new construction needs. We specialize in Designing and Building Projects...

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Bringing the Inside Outside: How to Renovate Your Outdoor Space

It can be difficult to achieve a cohesive flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, which is why many homeowners turn to the professionals to design it for them. Our design/build firm can provide you...

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The Future of the Smart Home: What It Means for Remodelers and New Home Buyers

Before each remodel or new construction, today’s homeowners should ask themselves how they can take advantage of the new technology available to us when it comes to smart features in the home...

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Butler’s Pantry: A Multifunctional Space In Between the Kitchen and Dining Room

The butler’s pantry is a multipurpose space located in between the kitchen and the dining room, which can be used both formally and informally. Because of the multifunctionality of this space...

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Pool Fencing: A Backyard Necessity

Installing pool fencing around your pool isn’t just for looks, it will also increase the safety of your pool area dramatically. Summer is officially here, and your friends and family will likely be...

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Watch Out for These 5 Signs That Something Isn’t Right in Your Home

When we have peace of mind that our homes are safe and undamaged, we avoid the risk of unforeseen damage costs and sleep better at night knowing the household is running smoothly. There are certain...

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5 Home Remodeling Tips for Summer

By the time summer rolls around and we’re spending more time outside, home remodeling projects become more common. Home remodeling or home improvement projects can increase the value of your home...

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6 Preliminary Steps to a Home Design Makeover

Whether undergoing a remodel, renovation, new construction, or a design makeover, it’s best to have a game plan set in place before getting started. A home design project can be overwhelming before...

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2017’s Most Popular Home Design Trends

Spring is a popular time for home remodeling projects, and homeowners are choosing practical design schemes to last them years to come with a mix of design trends that keep spaces updated and modern...

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5 Benefits of a Design/Build Firm like Center Island Contracting

Center Island Contracting’s knowledgeable and talented team of construction professionals can provide you with all the services you need to complete your project. From inception to design...

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Home Remodeling Tips to Keep From Going Over Budget

Home remodeling projects can be stressful, but the payoff is well worth it. Having Center Island Contracting’s skilled team on your side can ease the burden of disrupting your family’s routine...

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