Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas


February 29, 2012 by admin

In today’s economy, everyone’s looking for ways to save money. Home improvement projects often get put on the back burner – but they don’t need to be! There are plenty of home improvement ideas that can help keep costs down while allowing you to beautify your living spaces. By following some simple steps, you can update your home without depleting your checking account.

– Cabinet Resurfacing: An easy, high-quality home improvement you can do yourself is resurfacing your cabinets. Replacements are costly and time consuming. Resurfacing your cabinets allows you to add or change their colors, and gets rid of the grime that accumulates over time. For a few extra dollars, you can replace all of your existing hardware, too, making your kitchen and bathroom look more modern for less money.

– Appliance Upgrades: If you’re looking to save money on home remodeling, don’t toss away your perfectly good dishwasher just yet. A call to the manufacturer can save you thousands, because replacing the front panels of your major appliances is a less expensive option. Some companies will ship out a new front panel for less than the cost of an entirely new oven or dishwasher. Now you can have that cohesive look you want without breaking the bank.

– Think Vinyl: New floors can cost big bucks. One simple quality home improvement you can make yourself is to replace bathroom or kitchen floors with smaller vinyl tiles. Sometimes you don’t even have to replace the tiles; vinyl sheets can be laid right over the top of your existing flooring.

– Grout Replacement: Who says you need a new tub or sink? Re-grouting your tiles makes a world of difference for very little cash. For an extra boost, change your shower liner and curtain.

– Clean the Rugs: Deep-cleaning the rug is one of the simplest home improvement ideas – and one of the least expensive, too. You can rent a steam-cleaner at any quality home improvement store for far less than you might think. Got deep-seated stains or threadbare sections? Try strategically placing smaller area rugs over the places the steam-cleaner can’t seem to save.

– Replace your Fixtures: If you’re looking to save money on home renovations, try replacing your faucets. There’s no reason to replace fully-functional sinks or tubs just for a market value boost, since new faucets and fixtures can modernize your home for less money.

– Hanging Baskets: Space is always at a premium, but adding more room to your home is costly. An easy way to save money on home improvements is by installing hooks for hanging baskets. They provide extra space for fruits and vegetables in kitchens, and are a delightfully “tricky” way to hide home office supplies such as paperclips or highlighters.

– Curb Appeal: Sometimes, the best home improvement ideas are the ones you implement outside of the house. A few well-placed flowers or shrubs can brighten up any yard – and few things look nicer than a well-manicured lawn. Plus, it’s usually less expensive to hire a lawn service than a home remodeler, so those looking to save money on home renovations might do well to spend their money on an outdoor design.

The best home improvement ideas are the ones that are carefully planned, so above all things – do your research. Spending the time to decide what you want vs. what you need is always a good idea, because it helps you avoid unnecessary purchases. Garage sales and direct manufacturing companies are great places to look for less expensive materials, too. And if it turns out that your home improvement ideas have more to do with boredom than with necessity, try this: rearrange your furniture before you buy a thing. Sometimes, all you need is a change of view to have a change of heart.

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