Buying a Toilet?


April 25, 2012 by admin

It might seem like a no-brainer, but buying a toilet is a serious matter. After all, it’s one of the most important fixtures in the home. But choosing a toilet to fit your needs can be a little bit trickier than you think. There are many commodes to choose from and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to narrow down the search. So how do you know which of the various toilet types is best for you?

The Perfect Size

When it comes to choosing a toilet, you need to consider your space. The elongated toilet is usually more comfortable, but you need a larger bathroom in order for it to fit. A rounded toilet is smaller in size and sits more flush against the wall. Plus, rounded designs can save you a few bucks, so if money is an issue when you’re buying a toilet, rounded might be the way to go. Your height is another consideration when it comes to toilet types; some commodes are designed to sit a bit higher, making them more comfortable for people with longer legs. Most are bolted about 12” from the wall, though models come in 10” and 14” designs.


There are three standard toilet types when it comes to installation. One-piece toilets, which have a smoother, sleeker look, are a bit more expensive. Two-piece toilets, which have a separate tank to be bolted down during installation, are a bit more affordable. But if you’re going for a more modern design, you can consider buying a wall-mounted toilet. Wall-mounted toilets are easier to clean and sit flush against the wall. They are, however, a bit pricey – and you may have to open up the walls they’re affixed to if they need to be serviced.

Flushing Capabilities

There are two standard toilet types in regards to flushing: pressure-assisted and gravity-fed. Both methods use the standard 1.6 gallons of water, so they’re both low-flow. Gravity-fed toilets are more common in residences: they’re less expensive and easier to fix, if needed. If “going green” is important to you when choosing a toilet, you can consider dual-flush technology. Dual-flush toilets have two buttons: push one and you use between .8 and .9 gallons of water. Push both buttons and you use 1.6 gallons of water. Pressure-assisted toilets are more commonly found in places of business. And while they ensure a cleaner commode and put an end to “sweating” in warmer weather, they’re much more expensive. In some cases, replacement parts can only be procured through a certified plumber, since most home improvement stores don’t carry them. Furthermore, they’re quite a bit louder than a gravity-fed toilet.


Buying a toilet is important, yes – but it can be a little “boring.” Those looking to make their bathrooms more modern might want to think about a bidet. Bidets are also helpful for people with limited mobility, as they’re easier for people who have difficulties getting in and out of bathtubs. No space for a bidet? You can also purchase a bidet cover for your toilet: they’re less expensive, easy to install, and obviously help you save space. When choosing a toilet, you can also consider a heated seat (nice in cold months) or a soft-closing seat, which means never having to argue about putting the seat down again.

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