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Outdoor Living At Its Finest: How to Use Your Outdoor Space to its Full Potential

‘Tis the season for outdoor BBQs and pool parties. Outdoor living is one of the many perks of the warm summer weather, but to enjoy it as best as possible, using your outdoor space to its full...

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6 Steps Before Moving to Your New Long Island Home

Moving to Long Island? You picked a great location. Once you’re all settled in, you will love your new home! Nevertheless, the moving process is always tough, no matter where you move, especially...

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Top 5 Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Saving energy during summer benefits homeowners by lowering energy bills and helping the environment. While we all look forward to those warm summer months, it can be a summertime buzz kill when we...

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Pool Fencing: A Backyard Necessity

Installing pool fencing around your pool isn’t just for looks, it will also increase the safety of your pool area dramatically. Summer is officially here, and your friends and family will likely be...

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Watch Out for These 5 Signs That Something Isn’t Right in Your Home

When we have peace of mind that our homes are safe and undamaged, we avoid the risk of unforeseen damage costs and sleep better at night knowing the household is running smoothly. There are certain...

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6 Tips to Improve Any Home Outdoor Space

During the spring and summer, home outdoor spaces become the focal point of homes. It’s where we can enjoy our morning coffee, eat meals, swim, take in the fresh air and live a more relaxed...

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Grill Maintenance Checklist Before Kicking Off Summer BBQs

One of the best parts about summer is spending the evening cooking outside with friends and family. Grills get a lot more use during the summer months, so before summer gets into full swing, it’s...

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Summer Vacation: How to Maintain Your Home While Away

Summer time – the weather’s fine, and the kids are home from school. This is usually a great time to go away for any desired amount of time; whether that means a week or the entire summer...

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How to Keep Your House as Cool as Possible in the Summer

Staying as cool as possible in the summer becomes top priority once those temperatures surge. Once you’re in the comfort of your own home, you want it to be a safe haven from the heat outside. In...

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5 Home Remodeling Tips for Summer

By the time summer rolls around and we’re spending more time outside, home remodeling projects become more common. Home remodeling or home improvement projects can increase the value of your home...

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5 New Landscape Design Ideas for Spring

The start of spring makes us want to get outdoors again and put the cold days of winter behind us. By starting a home landscape design project, working outside and getting the house ready for spring...

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Your Guide to Turning the Driveway into a Home Basketball Court

If you have the space in your driveway, turning it into a home basketball court will surely excite the basketball lovers in your family. Of course, there are several ways to achieve a home basketball...

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