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5 New Landscape Design Ideas for Spring

The start of spring makes us want to get outdoors again and put the cold days of winter behind us. By starting a home landscape design project, working outside and getting the house ready for spring...

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Your Guide to Turning the Driveway into a Home Basketball Court

If you have the space in your driveway, turning it into a home basketball court will surely excite the basketball lovers in your family. Of course, there are several ways to achieve a home basketball...

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6 Preliminary Steps to a Home Design Makeover

Whether undergoing a remodel, renovation, new construction, or a design makeover, it’s best to have a game plan set in place before getting started. A home design project can be overwhelming before...

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Smart Home Capabilities Homeowners are Actually Buying

Smart home technology is on the forefront of home design trends, and the last couple of years have seen an introduction of more smart home capabilities than ever before. Soon it will become standard...

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2017’s Most Popular Home Design Trends

Spring is a popular time for home remodeling projects, and homeowners are choosing practical design schemes to last them years to come with a mix of design trends that keep spaces updated and modern...

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5 Benefits of a Design/Build Firm like Center Island Contracting

Center Island Contracting’s knowledgeable and talented team of construction professionals can provide you with all the services you need to complete your project. From inception to design...

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Home Remodeling Tips to Keep From Going Over Budget

Home remodeling projects can be stressful, but the payoff is well worth it. Having Center Island Contracting’s skilled team on your side can ease the burden of disrupting your family’s routine...

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Spring Has Sprung: Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Once the cold weather fades away, the snow is melted and the flowers start blooming, it’s time for spring cleaning. While you’re at it, consider giving your home a quick inspection to make sure...

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6 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Kitchen Renovation

After deciding to move forward with a kitchen renovation, there are many questions to ask yourself or your contractor about the renovation process. To prepare yourself before the renovations begin...

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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Custom Pergolas for Every Season

We all want to enjoy our treasured outdoor spaces and the views they provide during every season. By building a custom pergola, we can enjoy sitting outside all year ‘round, even when the weather...

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5 Tips to Refinish Your Basement the Right Way

Refinishing the basement is a more complicated project than renovating any other space in your home, due to the task of having to conceal the systems and infrastructure of your basement in a refined...

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New Home Sales On the Rise: Hire Center Island Contracting

Thinking of building a new home? It can be a daunting, yet exciting idea when it’s still in conception, but Center Island Contracting can help. Our knowledgeable and talented team of construction...

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